Keto Desserts – Chocolate Truffles – With Coconut and Almonds

In this video, we make a keto-friendly dessert that my family and I love to eat, and it’s so easy to make! #chocolatetruffles #ketodesserts #ketodiet


1 cup of Almond flour
4 Tbsp of chopped Almonds
1/2 bar of cream cheese
4 Tbsp of shredded coconut (for the dough)
*plus another 4 Tbsp of shredded coconut for the shell*
1/2 cup of dark chocolate
2 tsp of coconut oil
20 whole almonds
2 Tbsp of Swerve
1/4 tsp vanilla extract
1/4 tsp almond extract
1/8 tsp salt

In a bowl, thoroughly mix the cream cheese and almond flour. Then add 4 Tbsp of shredded coconut, the Swerve, vanilla extract, almond extract and salt. Mix well.

Divide equally into 20 pieces. Place an almond in the center of each piece and roll into a ball. Put in the freezer for about 5 minutes.

Using a microwave, melt the dark chocolate with the coconut oil. In a separate bowl, mix 4 Tbsp of chopped almonds and 4 Tbsp of shredded coconut.

Dip the balls in the chocolate sauce, then roll them around in the chopped almond + shredded coconut mix. Put in the freezer again for another 5 minutes before serving.


Keto LAVA Cakes:


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