Keto Grocery Shopping Video – Giant Food Store Grocery Haul!

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We go Keto grocery shopping in this video and reveal our keto grocery haul from our trip to Giant Food Stores. Giant is a regional grocery chain, so the items you see in this video can likely be found at the regional grocery stores in your area. Keto grocery shopping is almost 2nd nature to us at this point, so when we go out with the intent of making a keto grocery shopping video we are on our toes and looking for new items to show off. We found a few in out keto grocery haul this week, but we also got a lot of the basics which should give you guys a pretty good idea of what we’re picking up on a regular basis. We frequent a few different grocery stores, but when we really need to stock up on all the basics at good prices we go to Giant. If you shop at Trader Joe’s regularly, you might be interested in our Trader Joe’s Grocery Haul video, found here:

Trader Joe’s Grocery Haul:

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